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There are many ways and through various disciplines that the Business Zone Agency’s expertise and guidance can positively impact a company’s bottom line as it relates to: Media, Marketing, Sales, and Employee Performance. First, it all starts with our Business Zone Agency process.

Our Strategic 6-Step Process:

  • peak performance
    1. Information to Understand
  • improve employee performance
    2. Prepare Custom Solutions
  • employee performance management
    3. Present Various Strategies
  • digital marketing for distributors
    4. Implementation Timeline
  • distribution solutions
    5. Launch and Execute
  • record breaking sales
    6. Evaluate and Adjust

Our expertise can include the following disciplines:

Media Marketing
Video Marketing and TV Production

Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your message! As an award winning TV Producer and Host, “H” John Mejia and his team can provide you the guidance and expertise to help you use the POWER of video for TV broadcast and ‘off-air’ projects. “H” owns ‘In the Zone TV’ productions and his crew is capable of handling all phases of production- from camera filming, on-air talent, script writing, editing, and to all post production services. Including all Media Buys.

From concept to completion, the Business Zone Agency (In the Zone TV, LLC) has you covered.

TV Broadcasts




Edit Zoom (Online) Presentations

Web Videos

Branding Videos

Corporate Videos

Event Highlights

Video Press Release

Videos for all Social Media Platforms


Incentive Programs
Marketing Incentives

The Business Zone Agency (CMC-Meridian) team have a proven track record in helping companies improve:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Sales Performance

With cutting edge incentive programs that inspire customers and employees to the results you want! Our approach to influencing behavior and change relies on understanding your goals. Our programs come with 100% guarantee!

CMC Services Include the Following:

Customer Loyalty Programs

Dealer Rewards

Sales Incentives

Employee Recognition

Traffic Generators

Travel Incentives

On Line Merchandise Rewards

Individual Travel

Group Travel

Reward Points Programs

Promotional Products

Gift Cards

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Digital Marketing
Marketing in the Digital World

Welcome to the Digital World! If you want to be successful in today’s fast-paced world, you have to integrate your Website, Landing Pages, Social Media, E-Mails, and Texts into a targeted marekting approach. The Business Zone Agency can guide you through the maze of all this technology and deliver you the results you need to increased sales.

Web Design

Landing Pages


Facebook / Instagram Ads

Google / YouTube Ads

CRM / Sales Optimization / Automation


Social Media and Blog Content Management

AI campaigns with direct mail


Company Performance
Sales and Employee Performance

Over the years, the Business Zone Agency team has guided thousands of people to achieve maximum sales and employee performance with their proven strategies for success. “H” John Mejia and his team can provide your company the education, tools, and motivation that will drive company’s performance to the next level.

Kick Off Launch Meetings

Key Note Speeches


Team Building

Sales Training Boot Camp

Sales Performance Training Products

HR Liability Protection

Customer Service Programs

Outsourcing Solutions


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Let's Create Meaningful Business Results
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Get Your Complementary 'Business Zone Playbook' and Video for "12 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales". Includes 30 Minute Free Strategy Session