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At The Business Zone Agency, we strive to deliver results -- increased sales, increased profitability, and increased customer satisfaction. We can only do that with you. Our unique, holistic approach to media, marketing, sales, and performance motivation can only succeed if you are part of our team -- every step of the way. By using our experiences and real-life lessons, we have honed in and fine-tuned a process that gets you results -- every time. Our team of experts and agency partners provides the ultimate single-source solution -- one team, one project.

"H" John Mejia, Founder and Chief Business Strategist of the Business Zone Agency, is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a media expert, and a marketing and sales strategist. He surrounds himself with a team that strives for the highest performance, at every level. And because of this, companies like Procter and Gamble, General Motors, Pepsi Cola, Frito-Lay, CBS Radio, and more have trusted him. The Business Zone Agency team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, pro athletes, and celebrities, leveraging our expertise, resources, and experience to get results for them. Now it's time for us to get next level results for YOU!

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Our team has experience and expertise in most every area that impacts your business bottom line. We are a passionate, goal-oriented team that values the trust our customers put in us. We can't wait to work with you.

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Let's Create Meaningful Business Results
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Let's Create Meaningful Business Results
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Get Your Complementary 'Business Zone Playbook' and Video for "12 Proven Strategies to Increase Sales". Includes 30 Minute Free Strategy Session